Thursday, November 29

Open the Doorothy

We're always so pressed to make decisions.  Just like in real life I always want to give more of myself, the same has been true with this blog.  This place enabled me to explore and share sides of myself I never would have without it, without the support of my readers and my fantastically talented network of friends.  

It probably sounds a little pathetic but I can't help but feel guilty when an experience happens that I don't share here, because I think that besides the art, there are undeniable benefits to story telling.  I'm sure you can tell that my direction is always changing, and so the plans for this blog have changed in tow, along with projects that never made it to print.  For a time I couldn't think about this blog, then I didn't want to think about it, then I felt I should make a decision so.. I waited instead. 

To think about how few resources there were for fat girls to draw inspiration or example from when I started posting pictures of my outfits years ago does make me feel a little frantic.  That's changed, though, and I have been proud to contribute.  Though the project of this blog has incomplete elements, it's still finished.  From the beginning I truly didn't want to capitalize on my visions.  

I'll forever be your faithful ambassador of Oz.  See you there.


  1. "Though the project of this blog has incomplete elements, it's still finished."
    What a beautiful way to put it! I feel privileged to have been able to follow you through most of this project. I, too, will miss you!

  2. :-( Awww, no, you're my favorite fatshionista!!

  3. Just thought I would leave a comment and let you know that you're still an inspiration. :)