Rules of 2010

So in June of 2009 I was in need of extra income.  I had my sister visiting at the time and the idea came up of making a calendar to sell online.  We had a camera, and I knew there were websites where you could purchase things like that as gifts so we said -- let's do it!  I wanted it to be inspirational for other fatties, too, so I started to think up catch phrases that I use and rules I try to adhere to (even if I think I can't some days) to include with each month.  Since 2010 is quickly coming to a close, I started thinking back to the calendar and wanted to see how I did with them.  And share them with anyone who reads!

PS: Thank you to my palmful of sweet cheeks (who I hope are reading!) who did buy <3 You helped a lot.
January:  It’s not about being typical or unique, but authentic.

February:  Don’t ever get discouraged.

March:  Sensuality exists at every size.

April:  There’s nothing wrong with being the most fabulous person in the room.

May:  Let go of investing in strangers’ opinions!

June:  Find ways to celebrate being yourself every day.

July:  Love yourself from all angles.

August:  Give and accept compliments genuinely and graciously.

September:  Embody the confidence you admire.

October:  Build yourself from the ground up if you have to.

November:  Reclaim the word fat.

December:  Always leave something to be desired

My hardest challenge has been May, though I have made a great strides towards it.  I also have been more recently working on July.  And as always, I have February, September and November in the forefront of my mind.


  1. These are great! I think January is my favorite. July, yeah, that is a hard but important one.

  2. I love April's! I think sometimes as a fat person, it can be a challenge to do things that may be seen as drawing attention to yourself or your appearance. But fuck that! Be the most fabulous person in the room!

    Thanks for starting a blog. I always love your outfits on fatshionista!

  3. Veronica, keep your eye out for a post coming soon about July :) And January is so important, too, as a basis for all of this I feel.

    Anonymous, (I don't know if you'll see it?) it all started out with April's catch phrase! So many times I get asked "What's the occasion?" "Where are you going?" and, well.. "Halloween's over" but I digress.. :p

    If I could be shaped like a fat exclamation point, I would be.

    It is a challenge, though, because so many things (in or out of trends) are taboo, and you're judged much more harshly by the public. You never know who you'll run into, or if they think you shouldn't be allowed to wear THAT which, personally, I've started to wink and saunter away from :)

  4. personally i think march and july would be the hardest for me. especially july.

  5. OMG I have been wanting to do a BBW calender for yeeears! Great minds think alike :D hope you makes TONNES of $$$ with your gorgeous photos!

    Hmmm you've got me wanting to start a fatshionista blog now...I'm not sure I'm as brave as you are though :) I have to work hard on May's affirmation.

  6. I love puns. March and December are my favourite!

    But... Don't you want to make a 2011 calendar? I'd buy it!

  7. Kitteh, you are the smashingest girl ever! I hope you work at March safely, and that my post about July inspires you when I get to posting about it. Much love to you <3

    M, May is a rough one. I think we're all told since conception that we should soley look and act for others and not for the sole (oul) satisfaction in ourselves.

    Eric, I was thinking about it..


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