Shower ________

Two very important people in my life right now are encouraging me to face & embrace my physical reality.  One says that the world needs more visible stray hairs, shadows in face craters and individual impurities to spread the message that no matter how hard we try.. we'll never escape our natural image. Not in edited photos, pore-minimizing products or even shape wear.

Close your eyes. What does your face look like?

The other has a name for me when I'm without my girl costume, and fresh out of the shower.  Shower Beej.  Shower Beej is so important because when I step out, it is the most unappealing and vulnerable I feel I can exist.  To be seen as beautiful in that light, for my reality, is something I encourage anyone who reads this post to cozy up to.  Lovingly refer to your raw character as Shower ________, and attempt to connect to -- and be able to recognize your reality.


  1. Hi Brenda!
    Nice start, I'm impressed... I must confess you do a better job than many writers and artistic directors in the magazines I work for! I wish you were in Montreal (but I suppose you prefer sunny California ;-)
    So... let go!

    Jules <3 (aka Shower Eric)

  2. Love this post. I need to start loving the shower version of myself more.

  3. This is a wonderful post <3

  4. this is incredible. agreed times 1000.

  5. I hate shower suzanne! i like her more 15 minutes later, i am not sure if its the coffee or the makeup, nah its the makeup. and i love you for writing the naked truth.

  6. i forgot to add; i agree with both of your friends. great observations.

  7. Thank you Jules, but I'm under cloud cover in Colorado.. where I like it ;) I appreciate your compliments, they made me feel really, really good about what I'm doing here.

    Kitteh, I <3 you.

    Shower Sue and Shower Bianca, stare at that reflection until you haunt yourself with it and good luck!


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