Simple Science Experiments

A dear friend did a favor for her teacher-friend and brought me this book back from the adventure. Lost amoung pages of grossly dangerous experiments (hysterical illustrations to support) I started to wonder if they really did work, and if I would really learn more about astronomy, botany, chemistry and physics through experimentation with.. common household items.

1964 will come alive.


We'll embark soon, with my first choice being -- lucky number seventeen.


© Hans J├╝rgen Press


  1. Ive been waiting for you to start a blog!!
    Glad you did. Followed you over here from fatshionista...very cute layout....

  2. i remember doing this one in school. i was an experiment nerd. didnt care for the math part...

  3. Gemini, thank you. And thank you for sending that email, too - I'm now watching yours as well!

    Sue, we're two peas in a pod. I did the experiment this morning..


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