Speak Easy to Me

I pulled this together for a party in an old, underground speakeasy on a campus somewhere in Denver.

Hair Piece, Self-Made
Fur, Thrifted
Top, Gifted from a friend (Torrid)
Collar, Gifted from a friend
Brooch, From my Aunt (Chicos)
Ring, From my sister (Target)
Underskirt, Lane Bryant dress, cut up
Overskirt, Thrifted Torrid
Knee Highs, AA
Shoes, Payless
Earrings, Big Lots

Impromptu fortune telling at its finest.. and his moustache twitched when he lied..


  1. I love your outfit, and I REALLY love your hair!

  2. That is a fabulous outfit/costume! I am in awe of your ability to pull these glamorous things together so well. <3

  3. Different waistline than you normally do, I like this a lot too!

  4. Thank you Pixie, I got no sleep with those curlers but I'd say it was worth it :)

    Sarah, thank you! More on "pulling together" soon where I glorify the safety pin.

    Veronica, thank you <3 and Allan - I'm flattered! Now someone get me that lip couch!


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