Acute Pandor

Sweater, Wal-Mart
Cami, Lane Bryant
Skirt, Self-Made
Cameo, Gifted from a friend
Knee Highs, Avenue tights I cut
Shoes, Payless

With my Mister Rodgers Cardigan of Great Length, crocheted ear warmers and a skirt made from a bed sheet.. I'd say I'm dressing for comfort.  

This is the skirt from my ->tutorial.

Panda hugs by force.  Typical 'round these parts.


  1. Your too cte.. cardi,hahayyylove cameosand ur shoes..i like walmart good prices.

  2. A-DO-RA-BLE!!! Very very very very cute!!!
    (I've noticed there,s still snow on the trees: don't you catch cold!)
    - Big hug -

  3. I love your pretty new blog <3 Thanks for the heads up!

    It makes me so happy to see cute girls wearing my B*earWarmers out and about!!!

  4. I love the hugging picture. I recently discovered I like stir fry teriyaki bamboo shoots...and people love my hugs. Inner panda?

  5. Thank you everyone <3 Sue, don't pout.. some day we will embrace I'm sure. And Rock, PANDAFIED PANDAMONIUM.

  6. You look so cute here, it's to die for! I love the whole outfit and how it is put together! Maybe especially the panda hat and the cameo belt.

  7. Thank you Veronica <3 Panda always, always wins!


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