Box Your Ears


One of my all-time favorite movies is The Secret Garden (directed by Agnieszka Holland) and if I could, I'd have Mary Lennox's character -and- Maggie Smiths entire wardrobe duplicated for my own. In a scene when Mary is first exploring the outside of Misselthwaite Manor she wears one of my favorite foggy ensembles. It snowed in Denver, and this is my outfit inspired by both.


Hat, Gifted from sister
Collar, Friends Grandmother
Sweater, Torrid
Dress, Old Navy
Shoes, Great Curves Consignment
Polish, Navy by E.L.F.
Bracelet, Necklace from Etsy






  1. I love both that movie and your outfit. I also love the key you're wearing- I wore key themed jewelry today, too

  2. I've always wished I could be a hat person, but I've tried on just about every style hat and I just look goofy. The Secret Garden was one of my favorite stories as a kid. I've seen at least two of the movies, and I saw it on stage in middle school. Love.

  3. Pixie, thank you! What does your key look like?

    Rock, love back <3 I never wore hats for a long time because I felt my head was always too big for them, or it didn't make sense with my outfit. I wonder if doing a loose, casual hat like the one here (that offers utility, too, it's cold!) would ease you into it :*

    Sue, I could put together a whole look book on Mary alone!


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