Colorado Modeling Network

About once a month there's an event for models, photographers, makeup artists and body painters in Denver. Hosted by Xzanthia, these events are a chance for everyone involved to expand their portfolio and meet others who are in the local network. The events always have themes, and this month was burlesque. I got a few pictures back from FSJ and Image Forward Dynamics Photography. Pictures are a link to my CMN set on Flickr.

By Fred of FSJ Photography

By Ian of Image Forward Dynamics


  1. Your photos are lovely. As always, I love the hair color. ^_^

  2. I just experienced an epiphany!!! I'll need time to get over it ;-)

    Beej, once again you look absolutely, jaw-droppingly, flabbergastingly AWE-SOME!!!

    I'm lying on the floor gasping like a fish!


  3. You are brave and beautiful. I've wanted to do some pin-up type photos myself, and I might still do it one day. I just don't really have clothes to wear, and my grandmother would disown me if a nude or partial nude ever made it's way around to her. Also, I don't know how to pose like you do...and I don't really know a photographer I'd feel comfortable with.

  4. You look gorgeous in both of these, but my fave is the first one; You look sexy, and cute, and edgy, and happy, all at the same time!

  5. Thank you Pixie <333 Jules, wow! Thank you.. I thought you'd love 'em! ;) Now seal up those gills..

    Rock, thank you very much.. you'd be surprised what kinds of poses happen when you're nervous -- sometimes they turn out to be the cutest ones! My first real photo shoot was with someone I was already friends with, so that helped to break me out of my shell with much more comfort. Also.. CLOTHES SCHMOTHES ;)

    Veronica, thank you.. it was my favorite out of the set!

    Sue - <3

  6. @$$#!$#! how did i miss this post? I love it! Are there anymore?

  7. Yep, either of those pictures is a direct link to the rest in the set on Flickr. Or, here: if you want to paste it.

  8. I love your pasties! What did you use to hold them on? I have these gorgeous red ruffly heart pasties with pink tassles in the middle but eyelash glue didn't hold them D: they fell off in the middle of a shoot hahaha!

    Much respect for posting your nudes too, I take them but haven't been brave enough to post any online yet.


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