Wednesday, November 24

Eat Your Leftovers

It recently occurred to me that just how each person is spitting ball of experience.. so is my style.  So many times I've wanted to look more updated, or on trend until I realized -- I'll never fit into that mold.  I'm too damn zany, and I like knee-highs too much..  

Once the pressure was off to try and mix my style with what's current, I then realized something else.  I don't need to buy much to continue putting outfits together that make me feel good in them.  Being a penniless traveler, this is ideal.. and it also keeps me quick! with a glue gun, quick! with a safety pin and quick! with an eye for alterations.  Here are a few of my favorite reinventions.

A sheer collar and button from an old jacket, turned brooch.

A penguin print coffee stirrer top, acquired on a memorable trip through Phoenix.

A hat that was too slim in the cranium, beheaded and turned into a doily-hat or a collar.

I am aiming to make my style more accessible, so I hope whoever reads this is inspired to turn things that don't work one way.. into something that does another.


  1. Beej, I think "Inventiveness" is your middle name!
    I love your creations and the way you present them to us, amazed followers.
    I love the word zany, because it fits you oh so well! (Actually, I don't know... does it fit?)
    Finally, I believe nobody wears knee highs as well as you do!
    <333 - J.

  2. Very true, now one wears knee highs like you. For some reason I can't pull them off, but you definitely can!!

    Literal Gemini

  3. You have an amazing talent for being crafty in a way that actually results in wonderful things! Not something that's always a given.

  4. Aw Jules, thank you so much. Zany, inventive.. I think they both work well! Knee high love for the world! Fat, thin and inbetween. Appreciatecha.

    Gemini, what have you worn them with? You have such a tailored style, it wouldn't surprise me that you didn't feel that you couldn't pull them off. Add more WHIMSY ;)

    Veronica, thank you.. you have the sweetest compliments.. and boy do I know from experience that it's not always a given!