A Little Big Girl

Standing in the kitchen of two of my best friends before we left for the Halloween party, my one friends son sees me in my costume.  He pauses, as if confused, and says "You're a little.. big girl!"  and I giggled.  I remember when I would be so embarrassed if a child called me fat, big or round.  The parent would then feel obligated to apologize as if they'd just called me bitch.  But now I think, just the same as adults who remind me of my fatness -- I'm looking for intent.  His comment was totally devoid of judgement, in fact, he seemed kinda perplexed at how I was both at once!  Why should I be embarrassed that someone plainly call me fat, it's the truth.  And if I exercise patience and look for intent, I feel like that's one step closer to neutralizing the negative association with the word itself.

It's also the truth that I'm a little big girl.

Nana from Elfen Lied

Dress, Crickit on Etsy
Shoes, Keds
Socks, Dollar Store
Horns, Feral Creations
Tie, Made myself



  1. So glad to see the entire costume on you! Lovely! And I love "Little Big Girl" it's like that old Dustin Hoffman movie "Little Big Man" (My husband's fave). Too cute!

  2. No biggie with "big girl". Mika sings "Big Girls You Are Beautiful" and Morrissey (former singer of The Smiths) sings "You're the One for Me, Fatty". So...

    I love the costume: as always, it fits you like a glove.

  3. Sarah, I've never even heard of that movie! Is it one of those like Big? Thank you <3

    As if I need Morrissey's approval Jules!!

  4. Exactly! I think this is really difficult for a lot of people to grasp, that it's "okay" to call me fat, but only as long as your intentions aren't to insult or hurt me.

  5. Sue, thank you <33 Veronica, you said it. I would also add to that the fact that just because someone uses fat as an insult doesn't mean I *must* take it that way!

    Kitteh, I thought of you while writing this.


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