Patchwork Girl Presents

Dress, Self Made
Sweater, Target
Scarf, Pavonian
Flower, Thrifted
Shoes, Thrifted Xhiliration

Handmade gifts are the best things out there.  I received this scarf from my e-friend so many months ago, but was only in a place chilly enough to wear it now.  I love how the ends are ruffled, and it's a shorter length so I can wear it in place of a necklace and still feel accessorized -- and warm.  Inspire someone by making them something. Don't worry that it isn't perfect, your smudged fingerprint in glue is just your signature.


  1. This probably sounds totally gushy, but you've got beautiful skin!! I've very jealous!


  2. that line about the smudged fingerprint is beautiful.

    i love your beauty mark.

  3. «your smudged fingerprint in glue is just your signature»
    I love this expression

  4. the scarf is really cute! *_*

  5. cute flower scarf and lovely pattern on skirt..yes I love your beauty mark too hun.

  6. As always... you look amazing!!!

  7. I'm in love with the feminine details on your cardigan, the tiny puff to the sleeve ... the blousing at the cuff. Lovely.

  8. Perfect outfit. Love the dress. Love everything. Gorgeous as usual!!

  9. Thank you Debbie, I appreciate that! You are sweet..

    Pixie and Jules, I hope it inspired you to make something with your hands <3

    Kira, isn't the maker an absolute talent?!

    Dama, Diva, Poppy & Gemini thank you!


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