Wednesday, November 17

Prismatic Eraserhead


I'd say I'm match-y working on coordinate-y.  

When I decided that I wanted a lot less pin up in my look and more antique dolly I sold or gave away all my reds, bright greens, oranges and yellows.  I don't regret it one ounce.  Having a limited color palette works for someone like me, because that means I can wear more together in different ways. I feel prettiest in these colors, too. Which I think is just as important as a cut or design of a thing. My brain is saturated in pastel, what's yours?


  1. I have been thinking about limiting my choices a lot lately. I feel like I have too much, so I just throw things on and none of them go together. I'm surrounded by nice looking women at work and I feel really out of place because I look like a hobo.

  2. My brain is saturated in brights, especially bright yellow. Wearing bright colours makes me feel more like myself. I'm working towards the day where I have little to no black in my wardrobe.

  3. ... mine is usually dark, specially today :(

    When I wear colors, like I did yesterday, I don't feel safe. And it's been a bad day.

    So I'll stick to black, faded black, gray, brown, purple, dark denim, a hint of white (belt, shoes)...

    Beej, every piece of garment you wear suits you so well!! Even with a limited wardrobe, you never look twice the same!!!

    (I have the same black hangers than you, haha)

  4. I am trying to get my brain out of that feeling that everything must match. I got really inspired by Mondo on Project Runway and I started to get excited about mixing prints and colors and it really opened up alot of possibilities for design for me.
    What you have pictured here is al in the same "Family" and I can still se some very interesting pairings of what you have pictured. You don't have to go pinup to look interesting. I think you only loose depth if you go "all solids" You really do suit this color palate and it flatters your hair and skin tone. I do not look as great in pinks because I have pink in ,y skin tone so as a result I look pink when i wear pink. I am suited to bright reds, greens and dark blues.

  5. Pixie, maybe it's time for a closet purge! Or at least a possible style transition -- or something to get your thoughts in order regarding how you could feel less like a hobo ;)

    Frances, thanks for commenting! Now I can follow your blog (which I <3).. your kitsch is supreme, and I can't wait to see how you do with eliminating black from your wardrobe. You'll have to start with getting out of that uniform ;)

    Jules, I'm sorry you don't feel safe in brighter more charismatic colors of your own choosing.. I appreciate you commenting even though it isn't from a place of outward exploration. I <3 you. Thank you for the sweet words, hanger twins.

    Sue, what did Mondo say? I don't watch PR. I never thought that I needed to dress pinup to be interesting, it's just kinda the way my personal style evolved. I've noticed that I personally like to wear a lot of solids, rather than prints so that I can focus more on texture and layering than relying on a print. Thanks for saying it's flattering, a big part of my decision to stamp out brights and primary colors was that I didn't think it would look good with my pink hair. Naturally, I am a redhead Sue and I have a pink or "rosy" skin tone. So much so that people often ask me if I'm sunburnt! You look great in green.

  6. Oh, thank you! I know, I have to do something about my winter uniform, but thankfully it's almost summer so I don't have to think about last for a few more months.

  7. its funny, i like pinup looks but cant help but be attracted to the solid colors of the 40's blouse and comfy pants combo, i dont know if its a fall/winter choice or a change in interest

  8. Gah, I LOVE pastels so much yet my wardrobe never seems to have enough of them! But yeah, shades have to be muted. With the sole exception of this gorgeous emerald dress I bought recently - which really surprised me, since it's a flowy Grecian dress in the brightest emerald yet I fell in love with it.