Sandy Socialite


Jacket, Thrifted
Bow, From an old gift bag
Dress, Simply Fashions
Rings, Self made from toys
Shoes, Gifted from a friend

When I am not feeling social, I rely on ice cream to make sure I am still approachable. Gobble gobble fingerlings.





  1. I love the blue sweater against your hair and the food rings are awesome!

  2. This is so YOU, Brenda!

    I like the lighting from below for a more dramatic effect.

  3. Very nice. I can't do white, and I don't know if I can pull off this kind of powdery blue...but the basic concept of this outfit is totally something I would do.

  4. Very cute. I love the look. What is the weather where you're from that you can still wear open toes shoes? Lucky you, it is freezing in DC.

    Very adorable outfit as always...

  5. Also I love your cateye. I wish I knew how to do that!!

  6. You look cute as always, and those rings are awesome!:=)

  7. Thank you Pixie, would you believe these are just toys glued onto rings? Cause they are!

    Jules, the lighting was that way because I didn't have time to catch a picture outdoors.. I was unhappy with it but glad you like it just the same <3

    Show me rock! Show meee.

    Thank you Gemini and Veronica <333


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