Bringing Winged Back

My outfit inspiration today?  A chair, which belongs to Marcia.  Isn't it lovely?  With its slight sheen fabric, sweet polka dot design in baby blue and.. well, who could overlook those effortless arches and bulges.

Top, Lane Bryant
Bow Tie, Self made
Skirt, Tofy
Shoes, Thrifted
Purse, Mini Tea Set Box
Charm, Gifted


  1. I love it! You look like a smartly-dressed court reporter (I love those little keyboards they use).

  2. the high waisted skirts really look beyond fabulous on you my love

  3. Hello! Wow that is some chair, very beautiful. I like how you are inspired by all sorts of things around you! I actually found you from fatshionista over at LJ and I think you create your outfits wonderfully.

  4. Allan, thanks. Now I have to do a court reporter look. Except it'll probably come out looking like something from workin' 9-5.

    Sue, thank you, lots of hearts to you.

    Merry, thank you :) I could say the same about you! Oh wait I did ^-^ Truly lovely style.

  5. so amazing! I really like the photo location as well!


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