Wednesday, December 22

Crooked Dirty Jockey

Cardigan, Wal Mart
T-Shirt, Same
White blouse, Same
Skirt, Old Navy
Knee Highs, AA
Shoes, Payless
Ring & Barrette,

I realized something while talking to one of my friends yesterday. My holiday season is going great. Not because I had all the money to buy everyone everything I wanted to (and didn't forget anyone I ever cared for and felt deserved a gift) but because I didn't let that pressure make me feel like less of a person because I couldn't. Then this wild thing happened because of it.. I didn't expect anything back. Now the holidays aren't leaving me overwhelmingly lonesome and disappointed in the people I know love me. 

Danielle said it best.. Remember, what we really want we already have in each other.


  1. I love the tee and that ring is killing me! I need to have one!

  2. you put it really well! I stress myself out way too much about not forgetting anyone, and making sure my gift reflects how creative I am AND how much I care for the person I'm giving it to. I need to just effing relax already.

  3. grat t-shirt! *_* is that the grinch? XD

  4. I love this outfit! I love how you can take really basic pieces and make them fun and innovative. The Grinch shirt is awesome.

  5. Thanks, Sue <3 Andrea.. they are at Wal Mart in the mens department for about 7$! Rebecca, yes, relax! (I have said the same thing myself) Kira, it is the Grinch! Thanks Ten <3