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This post is to share a makeup resource.  I love E.L.F.  A friend turned me onto their website and ever since it has been the only place I've bought makeup.  Worth mentioning is that I don't have special needs skin or allergies of any kind.  Here are my favorite items that I use day in and day out.

Tinted moisturizer, eyeliner and eyeshadow primer are all 1$ each.  Their mineral infused mascara is 3$ (it belongs to their "studio" line) and it is the best mascara in the modern world.  I have tried a lot of their products, and encourage questions on this post if you have any.  But essentially there are three solid reasons I want to share this with my readers;

1. Affordability.  I challenge you to spend 20$ there without getting the Hollywood Lash Set.

2. Experimentation.  With chump change prices it's easier to try new things.

3. I love you.  Well what did you think I was gonna say?


  1. They used to have elf at Target, but I couldn't find it on Tuesday. Scoured the place! I did find NYC which is another great/cheap brand. But a eyelid primer? MUST HAVE!!! Thanks for this. Love it!

  2. you should try their bronzer(either line)...if you like bronzers that is...i love it!

  3. I have questions!!!!

    1. Eyelid primer?!?! Wow...what does this do?

    2. Because of my chubby cheeks and concave eye sockets when I smile my eyes crinkle up and rub against my eyelashes. Therefore I always end up with raccoon eyes! Do you get this with the ELF mascara and liquid liner?

    3. Why is it the best mascara?

    They are so cheap, if I can get this in Australia I am totally going on a shopping spree ;)

    Also, it's Xmas here and I'm reading about elf :P

  4. Sarah - I have heard of the kits at Target but never individual stuff! It works well (the primer!) <3

    RoSi, thanks for the rec.. though I think I'm too pale for a bronzer y n?

    M, eyelid primer goes on your naked eyelid and dries then when you put eyeshadow over it it makes it brighter, stay put longer and it also does not crease! Does your eyeliner and mascara do this after it's dried? Their duo (reg mascara on one end, waterproof on the other) waterproof mascara was like cement and did the job, but I like the mineral mascara. Reason is because it's thick enough to go on with one coat and look great (the brush is one of those silicone bristle types) and if you want to go back for more it doesn't get disgusting. Also it doesn't coat the lashes so much that you have to pull them out just to clean your eyes!



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