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There's a donation center that my family participates in called Have a Heart.  You can get clothes, food, shoes and books there.  Since this past weekend, I had never gone since I was always working the Saturdays it fell on.  I finally got to check it out a few days ago and had a phenomenal experience there involving a stranger, the holiday spirit & one leopard coat.

 It's cold in Denver, and no matter how hard I want my hoodie to insulate just a little more, it doesn't.  The one thing I had my eye out for was a coat.  Clearly coats are expensive and at a 26/28 it's hard finding clothing at a thrift store, let alone a jacket that closes -- and even then don't hold your breath expecting it to be cute.

I looked through the racks and found a few things here and there, and even found a short windbreaker-like jacket that almost fit.  It was the best thing I could find in my size, so I put it in my bag.  Daydreaming, snaking through the line around the racks.. I was suddenly interrupted by a woman's voice that said --

"Hey! Do you think Joe's mom would like this?"

I looked over, and she was holding the most gorgeous, fluffy, leopard coat I've ever seen.  Without even thinking I whispered "Whoa.." She heard me and says "You like this?",  eyes all full of stars I nodded.  Jacket already coming towards me - she says, "Then here, have it!"  Still starry I said "But doesn't Joe's mom want it?!"  She said "Nah, she doesn't deserve it anyway! Merry Christmas."

My brothers and savory sisters, please donate your clothes that you don't use.  In or out of your circle, it's going to help someone who has just a difficult time finding clothes as you do.  Reasonable and generous go hand in hand.




  1. Hey, I lived in Denver for a bit a while back! Too bad our paths didn't cross. You seem faboo, and the universe totally knows it -- I mean, that coat is AWESOME.

  2. Good pick! Can't wait to see you wear it... accessorized of course.

  3. Hi BT:

    I have a Chadwick's wool peacoat (worn one season--last year) size 26, apple green. It's too big for me now and can be yours (free of charge) if you email me at rcapricia@hotmail.com

  4. That is a beautiful coat, and what a great story!

  5. oh honey chil' you are going to sizzle up the winter in that coat. and what a wonderful story to go with it!

  6. Jess, RIGHT!?

    Aura, that *is* too bad. I haven't branched out to find any fatties in Denver because I don't really have the time or resources to (long story) but that would have been tits I'm sure! Let me know first if you're ever here again!

    Double take, even though we're already talking on email I just want to say thank you AGAIN for offering your coat to me for free. You're beyond for me, I <3 you!

    Jules, you'll see it shortly!

    Ten, I am usually a total grinch but this moment was so touching, geez! Glad you liked the story!

    Sue, you don't even know!!! (yeah you do.) <3


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