Necco Nailed Coffin

If you're a fan of my rings, listen up.  My favorite rings are this type because they are small enough for the tiniest of miniatures and toy scraps and they don't turn my finger any horse of a different color.  I have bought from the seller I linked here and highly recommend her shop, not only for rings.. but lots of other supplies as well.  And guess what?  When I told her I'd be linking her she offered my creative readers a 10% discount on anything in her shop with the coupon code bustytraveler, expiring Dec. 31st.

So dust off your craft corner and get to biz.


  1. I've been hesitant to use similiar ring blanks out of fear that they wouldn't hold up, or might turn fingers black and green. However, since YOU recommend them, I'll have to reconsider!


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