Pebbles Goes to Work

Pebbles Flintstone San Diego Union TV WEEK magazine

Sticks and stones are good for making a fire ring with rotating spit.

Dress, Target
Bow Tie, Self made
Jacket, Found
Boney Bracelet, Borrowed
Shoes, Payless

Cover image with permission from Pop Tarts Box <3


  1. Love the bowtie with the bracelet and the whole thing. So cute.

  2. Great dress and I just adore that cardigan. Very cute outfit!

  3. You always have the most imaginative self-created outfit put together nicely! You are like a character out of a book! Hi Beej, are you real?

  4. Aura, the bracelet is actally a toy from some GI Joe set that my sisters boyfriend leant to her. Hehe.. Sue and Mae, thank you <3

    Merry, thank you so much -- yes I am real. Ask anyone I've ever offended or hurt!


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