Tuesday, December 28

Royalty Free Pains


So I wanted to make a simple dress with a ruffle top. Then the ruffle was too short to go all the way around. I then decided to pleat it and add this lace doily (I was thinking it may look like a less fussy bustle) to cover up the messy pleating. It still was too loose in the waist, so I thought I could ditch the doily and find something to make D rings out of to act as a corset in the back. Julie suggested some kind of lace so that ribbon could be woven through it and presto!

Tightened and tied in the back, it's a skirt.  Untied and wrapped around the front and tied it's a dress!

Top, Lane Bryant
Dress, Self made
Shoes, Payless
Bag, Thrifted
Sweater, Thrifted
Ring, Self made (old earring)






  1. My parents are fixated on getting me a sewing machine (which I'm not exactly mad about or anything) and I can't wait to start trying to make things! You look great, as always!

  2. lovely! And I love how you just went with it instead of getting frustrated that your sewing project wasn't going as planned, etc. I always get so frustrated!

  3. Thanks Aura <3 Do you know what kind they are getting you? I can't wait! Keep me updated on how it goes!

    Rebecca, believe me there was RAEG.. especially that point when you're having issues already and then the needle gets jammed down inside the machine *boils*. I didn't even know you sewed! What have you made?

  4. You are so clever with your hands and definitely creative. I would have ran out of ideas should my original design fall flat!