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To find something great while thrifting is usually a given, but this day was a knock out.  I found this top and the hat at the same store on the same day!  Did I mention the top was hand made?  A shrilly shreik did occur.

Hat, Thrifted
Top, Thrifted
Leggings, Avenue
Shoes, Payless
Rings, Self made


  1. Have you ever posted a guide to ring-making? Can you just buy rings from hobby stores and then glue stuff on -- or is it more complex then that in order to get things to stay attached? Maybe it's a dumb question, but while I'm good at drawing things, I'm -terrible- at handcrafting things because I'm super clumsy.

    Also, love your thrift finds!

  2. Squee!!!! I love these finds! You look like a cupcake. (In a good way)

  3. Sue, I know, right?!

    Guy, thank you <3 I sometimes say that I'm not ready until I look edible :p

    Aura, I'm going to make a post for it soon! I have so many ideas and things that some of them are already back logged. Stay tuned!

    Pixie, thank you ^-^

  4. That's so awesome! I love them both! I found two of those "art teacher frocks" at goodwill the other day - one was the color/pattern of fruit stripe gum. Do you remember that stuff?

  5. Wait a second Rebecca, I think you just handed me a ticket to the way-back rail. Was that the one with the ZEBRA MASCOT?! Can't wait to see them!!!

  6. The rings are mad cute! I love the colour of your hair. Is that called strawberry blonde?

  7. Merry, yeah.. you just gave me a great idea, too. Strawberry blondie! I followed your blog <3

  8. I absolutely adore this outfit, it is so cute and kitsch, without being over the top and cluttered. x


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