Sunday, January 9

The Bargain Battle

In a fight between a bargain hunter and a repurposer, I think the repurposer would win.  Not to say that when things are on sale, in your size and possibly-the-most-perfect-thing-to-ever-exist-and-you-must-have-it moments aren't satisfying, because they totally are.. but how often is that really happening?  How often is it just a "spend more and save" coupon?  How much does one person need in their closet before there's no inspiration to be found?  How many times will you skip past items with tags on them truly never intending to wear them?

I repurpose out of necessity.  Creative and financial.  I am also a bargain hunter, but I don't hardly equate the two.  My closet doesn't grow as much as it transforms and evolves.  In my opinion if you really want to save money on clothes -- stop buying so many, get closer to what you've already got and alter what doesn't work for you as-is.  Cause once you start to modify..


  1. I really need to learn how to properly mod/sew clothes -- I do it, always on the fly, and I've botched up lots of stuff. Must learn patience!

    I really love your creativity -- it's been a serious source of inspiration.

  2. This is a good post. I agree with you- the repurposer would definitely win. I mean, you get a ooak item with your own touch on it vs. a tagged new item with no personality. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm a shopaholic (especially when it comes to shoes and only when I have extra moneys) but I'd rather sew than shop.

    It's kind of cool- you, Rags Against the Machine and Miss Peregrin all did thrifty posts this weekend.

  3. I love this post so much. You are absolutely right -- a lot of times, there is absolutely no inspiration because there is so much clutter to see through. I would love to start repurposing some of my clothes -- this post itself is great inspiration, and I think I'll give it a try this week!

  4. You're just sealing the deal about my idea of having you, Julie, Twistie from Manolo and Psycho Sue as my neighbors! Ha-ha! Oh the things we would create! <3

  5. Aura, thank you! I'm flattered <3 What if you put things you wanted to modify in with your repairs.. that way you could just do several small things in a little block of time you have set aside? Hm..

    Pixie, I know what you mean about "no personality". I also feel like a good mix of bought and made can go a long way in expressing your style on a budget, it doesn't have to all be hand made to have personality. I'll have to look up those blogs.

    Purple, thank you. Good luck and like Aura said patience!!! Totally agree with you.

    Sarah, we'd make a fly girl fatty fort out of the city.

  6. Your post is right on! 5 years ago I stood in my closet with a literal mound of clothing at my feet that I could no longer fit into/hadn't worn in at least a year. I cried, cursed, floundered and eventually bagged up several large trash bags. Since then I've only missed 2 or 3 of the items I chose to eliminate. I have also found my creativity sparked by the limit of what I now had to work with and have tried to purchase items that will be useful instead of really cute w/a good price. Now... if I could only learn to sew...
    Love the blog. Esp the post about the chil'ren who are rude.