Dear Hannah Brown

Blouse, Lane Bryant
Skirt, Self made
Cameo, Borrowed
Shoes, Have a Heart
Knitted Stole, Uncle made
Ring, Darling Designs

My Uncle and I are frothing Judy Garland fanatics. He made me this stole (with matching muff) as a replica of the one she wore during this restaurant scene in Easter Parade.


  1. I LOVE that stole! The color is so pretty. And that skirt is gorgeous.

  2. Hold on. Your UNCLE made you that stole? What an awesome uncle! And your uncle is into knitting? The colour of the stole is beautiful and rich. You should totally ask him to make you more in different colours!

  3. Adorable outfit! And I love easter parade! It's one of my favorites.

  4. thats a cool ass the stole..the color your shoes are so pretty..40's style in brown.always adore all your rings.

  5. this is so, so pretty -- and that stole is such a beauty.

  6. Thanks you everyone <333 My uncle is a knitting master, and I of course agree with all the compliments on the stole/scarf. I will be pressuring him for more items soon.. hopefully this post butters him up xD


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