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Reading this article at Frocktalk.com I realized that not only is Lydia Deetz' style one of my top inspirations when it comes to putting outfits together, I draw from the entire movie Beetlejuice.  Chris writes, "Every frame is presented as a mini work of art. Costumes too are more like installations by the final reel; Keaton’s ‘mallet arms’ getup for example is both absurd and awe inspiring."  I have to completely agree.  I saw some abstract wire earrings with black and white striped pyramids dangling from the ends at the thrift store and thought.. those are so Mrs. Deetz.

We all know Lydia was goth, but what I particularly love about her style was how she worked that into her school uniform in the end.

When I'm inspired by her, I seem to gravitate towards a few particular items in my closet.


  1. excellent inspiration. that movie is def overlooked for costume value. i love what the lady who is sawed in half in the waiting room is wearing as well as Lydia. What's funny is that Lydia thinks she is so different from her mom, but you can obv see that they are so much alike. they both like off the wall clothing and hairstyles, and they both dont fit in with the suburban surroundings.

  2. Oh that movie! I have seen it sooooo many times and never tire of it. Anything Tim Burton is fab in my book, but this one tops them all!

  3. Lydia is awesome inspiration. I like that she was goth without being like, bulky? She's still delicate and girly but her petite frame isn't weighed down. I always feel like when I goth it up I look .... heavy ?(not in terms of body image/weight) I don't know how to say what I mean. But Lydia was awesome, girly, dainty and totally gothed out which is the best combination.

    Your outfits are just as perfect. You look gothy and girly and feminine and beautiful.


  5. Sue, I want to be Miss Argentina for halloween next year. Or were you talking about someone else.. wait.. but yes, overlooked or maybe just forgotten for it's brilliance over time.

    Sarah, this is my top, too. I recently quit being a Burton hater and saw Alice.. LOVED IT. Why did I stray..?

    Pixie, I know what you mean about appearing heavy in the gothy attire. I mean it's layers and layers of black, you could end up looking like a forlorn ghillie suit mutant :p Thank you..

    Anonymous, all I gots to say is that's a lotta booty on one couple! Gettin' it!

  6. I love the argyle sweater and black skirt. I would so rock that while teaching!

  7. You should rock it! I wish I still had it.. I think it came from Target.


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