Eye'm Wishing Nevermore


A few years ago for x-mas my mom asked me what I wanted, and of course I said I don't know yet.  We happened to be watching HSN and they were showing off an eyeshadow palette by Smashbox.  It was called Muse and I loved it and thought.. we can take care of this right now.  There began my love of Smashbox.  This review will be for the Eye Wish palette, but I want to say that the Muse palette (R.I.P.) served me very, very well too.  Thank you Cosmo for my most elegant of upgrades<3




My review is pretty simple.  If you like slightly shimmery, muted and dark colors, get this.  If you like kits with miniature samples inside, get this.  If you could use some help with eyeshadow pairings, get this.  If you like Smashbox and shiny things, get this.  And of course.. if you're in the market for and can afford it, get this.

Do note!  It doesn't come with brushes, and you will need a smudge brush to use the four bottom colors.. we can take care of this right now.


  1. you have pressed my "want" button and my heart is going into "wish for this" overdrive. LOVE IT

  2. Such a pretty box topped with pretty colours! I have like the 88 palettes in a box kind of eyeshadow but the box is just plain black. This one speaks to me!

  3. I love the mental picture of you and your mom shopping HSN together. So adorable.

  4. Pixie, they really did name it right. Merry, does it jut *look* gorgeous? And Rebecca it was the most exciting thing ever actually ordering while they were live.. ah, little things.

  5. I love smashbox eyeshadows especially if are in a gold pretty box.and they last too.

  6. Dama, very true. They last a loooong time. I baby mine so much that I still replace the plastic window that covers the shadows when it's closed.. ^-^


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