Fuzzied Flasher

This is what can come out of the internet.. so be careful what you wish for when you're preying on that genie.  Since first impressions are so important, I wore my dermis on my sleeve.  Can't take me with you, wouldn't dare leave without?

Blouse, Have a Heart
Jacket, Same
Skirt, Torrid
Knee Highs, Avenue
Shoes, Payless
Ring, Torrid
Rosary, .99 store


  1. Can I just say how incredibly hot this is?

  2. omigod want that jacket!!! drool drool drool over that coat.

    I really like your shirt, too.

  3. Coat in mail... to my house... today!!! Fabulous... as usual!

  4. That coat is fabulous, and so are you! Are those Avenue knee highs their trouser socks? I was thinking about getting some to wear as knee highs, but wasn't sure how high they would go.

  5. That leopard coat is divine.. Lovely sheer blouse mamas..i adore rosarys and 99 stores too.

  6. That coat whispers to me of sex and elegance. I love it!

  7. You are such a sweet doll! And you got the hair, that I always wanted. <3

  8. Thank you everyone!<3 The knee highs are actually textured Avenue tights (that apparently ran smaller than normal microfiber, SUCH IS LIFE) that I cut off at the thigh and used as knee highs!


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