Leggings As Spats


I hate wearing full stockings.  I am wide and short and they hardly ever fit right, enough or at all.  I got to thinking about the cold months, and what better way to keep warm over knee-highs than frilly spats?  Rhetorical question!  The idea came from some ripped leggings I held onto.

Get your scissors, leggings, buttons, lace or other trimmin' together.

Cut them off to your desired length.  I just held mine up to my calf to figure it out.

Turn the ankle toward the top and cut out a slight crescent shape on the outer edge of both legs.

More visible on the right leg, cut a slit about 2/3 the way up the crescent, keeping at the least, 2 inches away from the outer cut.

Turn inside out and sew your crescent edge together.  Then fold back each side of the slit and sew.  Attach buttons and sew lace around bottom edge.  Optional; sew loops of elastic or ribbon across from buttons on seam to close gap.


  1. You = too cute for words. I always wanted spats to come back into style. I think you are a style maker.

  2. THANK YOU!!!! MY STEAMPUNK OUTFIT WILL NOW BE COMPLETE!!! AHHH!!!! geek out geek out geek out!

  3. You never cease to amaze me, girl! I tell you what! This rocks!

  4. I have been contemplating this very idea, but in knit (because that's how I roll these days.)Love them!

  5. Wah so so cute and practical! This will fight the cold and you can recycle the stockings you don't wanna use anymore. You should start labelling them as tutorials so that we can refer back!

  6. Beej, you are too cute for words. I don't have it in me to sew right now, but I hope one day soon I can make my own clothes. I'm gonna have to come to you for patterns!

  7. Thank you Rebecca! I just want so badly things that are not available.. and never enough ruffles to satisfy!

    Pixie, make sure you post pics for me :D

    Thank you Cada, Sarah and Wendy!!! (Ps I am open for questions at all times for you)<3

    Merry, all entries are tagged at the bottom of each post.

  8. what a fantastic idea..looks like cute little booties..thanks for posting this.

  9. this is pretty genius!! you're one crafty lady.

  10. Oh my Brendles! LOVE THEM!!

  11. I think you're like the only other person apart from me who wears spats/wants to wear spats! :O



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