Not (at all) Ready

not at all ready

A mile closer to the sun, two miles less flesh.  I need a sack for my sheddings.

Top, Gifted Old Navy
Skirt, Simply Fashions
Shoes, Payless
Bangles, Solid Gold
Shoe Clips, Self made


  1. Simple and so cute. I love how you do your makeup, too.

  2. you are always so adorably cute..I love your make up.
    I am in love with your gold bangles..reminds me of my Mexican gold bracelets I used to wear when I was a little girl..all your skirts and dresses are always so stunning.
    oh those shoe clips are divine.
    Happy New Year Amor!

  3. Thanks purple and Ms. Ten <3 I am learnin'.

    Dama, Thanks so much :] Happy new year to you, too. I got the bangles at Solid Gold, a pawn shop somewhere in Hartford, CT. I would think any mall jeweler would have something close to it. They are totally those kinda bangles, that's why I love them! Thanks again <3

  4. As always, you are totally cute. I love that top.

  5. You. Are. Gorgeous! Plus, you have the best bangs of all time.

  6. I like the smokey eye effect! is that shoe clips because they are way cute!

  7. Pixie, thank you! I was so excited when my friend gave it to me, it's one of my favorite tops ever because it's comfortable and still detailed.

    Aura, THANK YOU!! I cut them myself all jagged-like. I'm just good with a flat iron ;)

    Merry, yes they are shoe clips I made out of some thrifted 80's clip on earrings and scrap lace.

  8. Love your makeup in this one... smokey... yumm!!!


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