With Full Disclosure

The sort of thing I usually don't bother taking pictures of, my casual day outfits.  Welcome to weekends at the call center.. delirium served lukewarm with a side of sideways glance.

Hoodie, Gifted from VNV concert
Shirt, Sickforcute.com
Skirt, Self made
Leggings, Lane Bryant
Shoes, Payless
Witch Finger, Gifted


  1. I love dressed-down Beej! She's adorable! Wanna hug her now now now! <3
    Too cute, B! You're rockin' it without tryin'!

  2. I love dressed-down Beej, too! You look so stinkin' cute! I love that shirt, and I love the witch finger.

  3. I wish you'd post more casuals. I want that skirt so bad.

  4. I like the shirt! Very cute and it winked at me!

  5. You look great casual,I adore your nails and the color of the polish..witch fingers are always of power.

  6. I will post some more "casual" outfits then! Thank you all <3 My witch finger points north to the stars of this blog.


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