Bustle Belt Tutorial

This project only cost me about 10$ for all the new supplies.  You will need:

1.5 yards of fabric
1 spool of ribbon
2 yards of trim
1 button card

Cut three pieces, the largest being about 16" wide. I alternated stripe pattern direction to give it more fullness visually.

Fold all pieces in half and round edges.

Cut lengths of trim for each piece about 1.5" longer than edges.

Sew around bottom edges making a U shape.

Pin trim on each piece.


Should look like this.

Take smallest tier and fold over top, then sew a casing for ribbon waist band.

Tie two equal length pieces of ribbon to a chopstick and fish through.

Making sure the ribbon is centered, stitch over the ribbon to secure in place and knot by openings.

Take each tier at the top unfinished hem and sew a straight stitch across the top, folding inward as you sew to create small pleats.

Pile all three layers on each other and sew one stitch where they overlap. I had to adjust mine for a while until I got the front top lace seam to match the overlap point to keep the stitch invisible.

Sew on your buttons.

Everyday I'm bustlin'.


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