Do I Care?

The topic of caring what my readers wanted to see on my blog came up today.

Since I started posting here I have felt overwhelming support and encouragement from those who write me on and off the scenes.  I have made friends, used this as a vehicle for self-expression and discussion and been enlightened, entertained and inspired through readings of fellow writers.  Why do I feel like a bad blogger, then?

The lingering question finally exposes itself -- Am I giving them what they want?

I wonder this a lot, and always find myself conflicted in the answer.  Because of feedback I know that what I am putting out is something that is meaningful to some of you.  Without that, positive or not, I would write and post much less.  But do I really care what else I could do to make my readers happy or more pleased with my blog? No.

Wait, don't get all pissed at me yet.

When I say I don't care, I mean I don't care to do a poll or survey to find out.  One thing I absolutely cherish about the readers of this blog is that you are here of your own free will, and not because of a giveaway, link spam or some numbers game (not hatin', just sayin').

I purposely and diligently dedicate this place to opening myself up to you all without any other agenda and would like to retain that while still working towards giving you better writings, features, pictures and of course.. outfits.

Consider this your open invitation to tell me what more you want to see, even if I haven't done it before.  That, I would be interested in and care about.

I promise to never solicit you otherwise.


  1. I want to see you in that skirt!


  2. I like your blog for what it is. I'd actually, though, like to hear about why you wear what you wear. Are you going for a particular aesthetic, or is it all up to your mood? But you don't have to tell me. I can keep parsing your posts for clues and make it up on my own.

  3. I like your blog for what it is. I would agree with rebeckler that some style stories would be nice- what inspires you, where you get ideas, ect. My favorite things about you though is you manage this incredible style on a budget and you DIY a lot of it. I would love to see more tutes from you.

  4. More tutorials! You are a DIY queen, and it'd be great to see more how-tos from you. Otherwise, you're super awesome anyhow x

  5. Right now you have a DIY, and fashion, and body acceptance kinda thing going on. I love all three of those (not being snotty but the science experiments didnt resonate with me for some reason) In general, you do have one theme: BE YOURSELF and fuck the rest. Your blog is the most wonderful (in my mind) when you share the tools and confidence behind what it takes to do just that: BE YOURSELF. Whether it's the form of DIY clothes tutorial, or a post about finding the confidence buried deep within; they all are uniquely TBT and inspiring. I think that's where you excel, personally, and I love reading it.

  6. The only thing I wondered about is the trip you took through your travels: the highlights, the big sights, the cold nights, the (lack of) fist fights.

    Otherwise, keep doing what you do so well.

  7. Just be you, that is all they/we want. So glad you're back in action! <3

  8. I agree with notblueatall! :) Be you!

  9. I have to say i agree that it is great when people come because they like what they read and not because of a giveaway or the possibility of getting something free. You have definitely made a blog that is interesting. I think more DIY would be fun, and more info on you, like why you moved, where you get your outfit inspirations, more about your personal life. That would be fun. You don't have to but you asked so Im telling!

  10. Hey Beej,

    My only thing I'd like to see is your full post content showing up in my google reader. I'm not sure why it doesn't, most blogspot blogs show up just fine. That would help me read your blog more regularly (but if there's a reason why you don't want your posts to show up fully over in reader, that is totally cool, it's your blog!).

  11. All comments noted, thank you <3


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