Sunday, March 27

Humble Senior Elective

I ditched my knitting soon after I learned.  While in California we visited my Uncles church group who gets together every Thursday morning.  Skeins kindle.



  1. I love everything about this post. (Especially the 5th picture down) I would give my limbs to spend a day knitting with you and sweet/sassy old ladies!

  2. Heart warming old lady time! Also, I can now see your whole post, pictures included, in my Google reader - thank you!

  3. how splendid hanging with these ladies,wheres the cake?

  4. Danielle, I KNOW! I took several of these just for you, too. You'd go nuts with macro in there, so many textures, skin spots and velour bottoms.

    Rebecca, you're welcome! I haven't been commenting back lately but I wanted you to know I am listening to what you're all saying :)

    There's no cake, just crumble..