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Some would argue that mounds of cleavage aren't professional attire for job searching.  I know I would, but as a tag-along?  I'll express my pep.

She got the job.

Dress, Ross
Ring, Gifted
Fur, Gifted
Cardigan, Gifted
Sandals, Ross
Sunglasses, Caesars Palace





  1. YAY!!! New job... so what is a tag-along?

  2. love that ring.

    Do you know blogger gives me a warning every time I try to read your blog? They say it's not meant for underage users. lol.

  3. well your two amigas help get the job then?
    always good to flaunt it.you looking so divalicious amor.

  4. I meant that I was going as a tag-along while my sister was job searching and I drove her around to apply. Tag alongs are also cookies by Girl Scouts if memory serves me correctly..

    Thanks Meg. I changed that while I was in my settings because of my ever-increasing nudity. Didn't want anyone acting like they didn't have a chance to say no thanks and all.

    Thanks Penny<3 Sue, exactly. Dama, thank you.


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