Thursday, March 17

Tread Forward Heavily


Jacket, Have a Heart
Sweater, Same
Top, Same
Skirt, Torrid
Knee Highs, AA
Shoes, Payless
Pearls, Target

Stick your heels in the ground and crush hard wood.  My job decided to take me up on my resignation early so I had time to get pierced, dyed and tattooed before I left.  Glad I was able to squeak out one outfit recreation before I did.  Ladies and gentleman.. the inspiration -- Rebecca of We Are Large People.


  1. ooooooo I've been obsessing over tattoos lately. What'd you get done?

  2. Hahah so cute! Well done with having Rebecca as your inspiration! The leopard jacket also goes really well on you!

  3. SO GREAT! You look awesome! The leopard coat is amazing beyond words.

  4. So chic! I love this new color on you, too! Can't wait for more.

  5. always so inspiring amor,love the colors and shoes.she is a cutey.cant wait to see your tatt.

  6. Hi! I was totally referred here by Rebecca and you put together an amazingggg outfit! :) I really love it!

  7. I know it's late but I thank you all for the comments, and you should all check up on her blog <3