Thursday, April 28

My Phyrexian Love


You've been unknowingly experiencing a lapse in updates because I learned how to play Magic the Gathering.  Now I can't stop deck building and conceptualizing.  Send help with haste and trample..

+1/+1 to my fingerlings.


  1. :) Just the other night, I could be found playing the WOW ccg at a local tea shop. I deal ongoing fire damage to your attached allies and heal +1 damage to myself at the start of my turn. :)

  2. I'm totally not saying this because I was about to remark on what your title meant, either, so I'm totally not nerdier than all, of course not, never would be.

  3. Hahaha <3 The Zesty Pinto strikes again.. with vigilance! Ongoing fire damage, huh Rebecca? How about Kiln Fiend, scorching you +2/+2 for all my red creatures?!