Same Olde Sermon


Some days it's just better to be candid with your style.  While I get my wits about me and find a job in Arizona I will most likely just be posting outfits since I'm already back logged and have been dressin' to impressin'.  I wore this to game night where I met four of my Grandmas friends.  This is the front door of the place where I now live, my Great Aunts barn-style home in the country.  Until next time rumpkins.. amen.

Cardigan, Wal Mart
Top, Wal Mart
Rosary, .99 Store
Skirt, Self made
Underskirt, Thrifted Torrid
Knee Highs, AA
Oxfords, Payless






  1. Loving this outfit... but the shoes are killer. And can I say your makeup is super sultry. LOVE IT!!!

  2. your were trying to taunt your grandma's friends,dressing as a catholic school girl,your awesome.
    love and want that rosary and skirt.
    good luck with job hunting amor.

  3. Thanks about the makeup! I've been working on my smokey goggles. And no, not trying to taunt them, just forgetting about first impressions and going with how I felt that day ;) Thanks for the good luck.. I think one is just around the corner.

  4. You look amazingly punk... I wish I had your style (and wardrobe..!)

  5. Holy shit I love this. It reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar's character in Cruel Intentions. Much with the hotness ;)

    This is Wendy Darling, btw.


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