Country Beej

Since living out in the splintery acreage of my Great Aunt's house in Arizona I've learned a few things.  How to build a fire, hold an axe, about flying grasshoppers, the language of spiders, the importance of gloves, true darkness,  personalities of goats, night lights, water wells, pumps, plumbing and breakers. Instead of incessant real talk radio it was real silence.  Enough silence to choke out a monk.  A space where even the smallest stars crash landed into the center of my pupils.  I never lived somewhere where I regularly felt so challenged to get over my fears, do it myself and if I wouldn't (because I always could) then  I'd have to live with it -- in that silence.

With sweating, trembling hands I pulled on a pair of jean shorts. 
With sweating, trembling hands I learned to dig up a garden.  
With sweating, trembling hands I squeezed a lemon and bled composure.


  1. That sounds amazing! (I'm sure it wasnt amazing all the time, because reality never is, but it *sounds* amazing.) I love seeing your smile, you look extra pretty! And I love the hair! Plus the new angle is fun! And I really appreciate the low-cut-top-on-a-busty-girl (coz I'm one myself)! Looks like a great pair of jeans short-shorts too! So apparently the next logical step for me is to set up a religion around you;=)

  2. Go you! I love that pic of you, too! Adorbz! I think we all wanna hear more about this country livin' thing! <3

  3. i love when you write from the heart, sayz jena, and share all the beautiful places you've been. inside and out.

  4. Thank you everyone <3 It wasn't all great of course, but I had to represent some braless short-short fattygut angles with a real smile. I'm glad you guys liked it.


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