Tuesday, May 3

Horizontal Homage

While wearing my white-and-baby-pink-striped-two-dollar-skirt my grandma asked if I sewed the stripes horizontal on purpose.  Of course I did.  This post is to highlight one of the small ways in which I say fuck you, gingerly and regularly, to fashion rules and standards for the bubble bodice.  Short and fat population, please wear big prints and some of them horizontal.  Be a monument to acceptance, style and expression without saying a word.


Top, Gifted
Purse, Trina
Knit snood, Uncle John
Dress, Ross
Ring, Gifted
Bangle, Solid Gold
Sandals, Ross
Brooch, Flower from a broken sandal


  1. Breaking rules is part of fashion and it is made great by confidence. GO girl!

  2. Such a rule breaking rebel! You look GREAT in this dress and it just proves that bull shit rules are meant to be broken!

  3. yes!

    Also, probably not your intent, but the skirt also kind of looks like the blacking out of private parts they do on tv/pictures - since the pale pink is kind of your flesh tone, and the big black rectangle right over your lady parts area... I think it's awesome. Furtherly subversive.

  4. I love this! Not just your fab message, but also green with black and white?! *dies* perfection!

  5. You are such a cool fashion goddess!!! I am about breaking the rules as well! You have inspired me to start learning to sew my own clothes! Thank you kindly for modeling my purse and showing a great photo!

  6. Thank you everyone :) I'm glad that the message was received by some! Rebecca, you always have the coolest insights into my outfits. Giving me more credit than I can take, I still really like what you saw here. Censor the privates, keep the style. Trina -- You know I adore you. I haven't been online much lately but your Flickr stream is on my list of happy daze. Thank you again for the purse, I love it.