My Mana Today

I wanted to do a simple t-shirt surgery tutorial but bring something other than adding lace and giving it a more fitted bodice.  So I sat and thought about what color my mana was today..  blue, the droplet symbol for an island.  How could I interpret that into various elements of the modification?  Splish..

You will need:
A t-shirt
A shape
Straight pins or fabric chalk
Piece of cardboard


Draw and cut out your shape.


Cut your shape out of the neckline lengthwise.


Cut shape out of the sleeves.


Fold edges inside about half an inch and pin down to keep from rolling.


Sew neckline.


I love the unofficial heart monitor stitch.


When approaching corners, fold over the fabric to come into a right angle.  While sewing slowly, stop in the crook of your corner with the needle down inside the fabric.  Lift the foot, turn the piece, lower the foot and continue.


Mine was kinda sloppy, but you see it still works.


I keep seeing all these stringy spaghetti shred shirts everywhere.  Here's how I made it happen in the shape.  Laid it down and pinned a general outline.  Here's where you could always use the chalk instead of pins.


Put a piece of cardboard underneath, inside shirt.  Open scissors and scrape holes all along one edge for a point of entry.


Remove cardboard and using holes to start, cut across.  Done.  Shirts sold at Penny Arcade.


  1. Gurl, your hair is flawless in that pic! And those shades? To die for!!! I love your idea of doing the slashes in the back in a shape! Too cute! Giving me all kinds of ideas. Thank you & Love ya!

  2. I love it! One day I shall learn to sew. Also love the curls -- as Stacy (London) would say, "totes adorbs".

    I know I'll look stupid for this, but WTF does the text on the shirt mean?

  3. Thanks Sarah <3 I got those sunglasses at the 99 cents store.. I've had really good luck there lately. You're welcome and love you too <3 Shred somethin'..

    In the game Magic the Gathering when you take a card that's laid down on the table vertical and turn it 90 degrees to the right it's called "tapping" or "tapped" or "tap" :p So it's saying I'd tap that.


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