Les Éléphants Infantile

Recently I've been really inspired by the circus. I checked out a movie called Jumbo starring Doris Day and this only tripped me into it further. As I was watching it, all amazed and entertained, I thought about expression. I call my outfits girl costumes because that's what they are. Sometimes there's a story, sometimes a loose copy of one or even my own character. I moved away from trend in favor of style, now away from style in favor of expression. I'm trying to tell a story.

The movie struck a surprise chord with me though. As a fat person, you may have been referred to as an elephant. I have. Maybe you've been called Dumbo, hippo, gigantic, huge or giant. Did it make you feel like a freak? The fattest person in the world, come one come all? I know acceptance isn't so easy as phrases like "own it" make it seem. Perhaps you could try "don't be afraid to refer to it" instead. Refer to your fatness, your inspiration.. your expression.

If you just need someone to tell you that you may, in fact, be your own person and do with that what you wish you have my blessing. Be a clown, be an elephant, be the lady who rides the horse standing up.. just don't be afraid to refer to it.

Be big, be generous and be JUMBO!


  1. "She's so fat!" is one of the highest compliments I can pay a gal.


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