New Scrapped Princess

After I broke one of my most beloved cross pendants in a gallon ziplock bag with the rest of my tangled jewels I decided it was time to look up some DIY jewelry holder ideas.  An image search turned up plenty of projects, one of which I tried with twigs.  That's the trouble with shabby chic, if it's too cute it's usually too cute to be functional.

I didn't follow any tutorial since I wanted to creatively use what scraps I had around instead of needing something particular.  Picture frames came up page after page and this is what I did with one from the dollar store.

1. Hot glue strips of stretch lace ribbon across the top half for earrings

2. Glue a panel of jersey on the bottom half

3. Glue one row of eyelet through the bottom half for brooches

4. Glue buttons above eyelet on jersey to hold rings

5. Glue strips of stretch lace ribbon underneath eyelet for bracelets and necklaces

The one thing I would have done differently is glued the stretch lace ribbon more taut to on the back of the glass panel and glued the jersey down better in-between the buttons.  Easy fixes and an easy project.


  1. it looks so great! I did something less complex to use just for necklace storage - I put pearl-headed straight pins directly into the drywall at a slight angle. Each can hold a few necklaces without breaking. It actually looks kinda neat too!

  2. That's a genius idea, too! I did something similar and pinned gloves to the wall with hat pins as a decoration (a la butterfly wings).


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