Bunny Hunny Set

A series of self-portraits dedicated to ab appreciation, here.

My gut has been one of the hardest things to embrace about myself.  Its movement, contours, profile and apple shape.  While I can't say that I love it, I accept it now, and that's one step closer to the final embrace.  Jiggle and flop one for me in the mirror you sexy thangs.


  1. Yes, I agree with this wholeheartedly. My stomach is still hard to accept and I still do things to camouflage it, but am slowly coming around. So here's a jiggle for you, and I'm off to see your self portraits!

  2. You are so cute! I'm happy for you that you've reached acceptance:=)

  3. Zag, I know the feeling. Sometimes I'd toss out an entire outfit picture because the wind showed the outline of my gut. But then I thought.. that's how it looks IRL, stop that. Thank you for the jiggle<3

    Thank you Aura & Veronica :)

  4. You have the most delightful abs I've ever seen.


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