Friday, September 2

The Watchful Eye

Dress obsessed, with this dress, for eternity.. or at least this summer (which has clocked around the same hours).

Dress, Traded
Rosary, .99 Store
Garters, Torrid
Mitten Clips, Target
Purse, Thrifted
Heels, Payless
Sunglasses, .99 Store
Anklet, Las Vegas
Earrings, Claires


  1. This whole look is THE SHIT... wow, you look brilliant... I would have never thought to put the garter over the dress and hike it up. Those earrings are creepy and cute at the same time. Everything about this is madness, great outfit.

  2. Thank you for the comment Zag! I saw you added me to your reading list <3 I'm glad you appreciate the details.

    It's just the botany of desire, Baby!