Beej LeSueur

Last week after a job interview with a collectibles company.  I didn't get it, but I'm still Miss Crawford to the world in this dress.  Hold the elevator!

Dress, Gifted from Sue
Heels, Gifted
Purse, Tuesday Morning
Swan, Thrifted

My new companion cuddler purse.  It's by a brand called Melie Bianco and is the most fantastic purse ever.  It's already doubled as a pillow at the park, warmed my feet on the couch and been hugged by a stranger!  It also has removable chain handles for washing<3


  1. OMG your dress is beautiful! I love the colors!!

  2. Adorable dress. And you look so HAPPY in front of the whooping cough sign (LOL). Sorry, you didn't get the job. It probably wasn't meant for you anyway, you have something better in your cards... Good luck!!

  3. You look totally fabulous darling! The poster you posed in front of has got to go though! Haha

  4. I love how you look in that dress! It's such a great shape and color, and the swan brooch is to die for.

  5. Thank you Meghan!

    Gemini, it's okay, really. I'm trying to find something that really fits with what is going on in my life right now -- not whoever will hire me! Thank you for the good luck <3

    Linds, ROFL.

    Thanks Rebecca this is one of my favorite brooches ever. I've worn it on a necklace chain as a crooked pendant, too..


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