Friday, November 4

Dulcita Lolita

There's so many types of lolita I thought I'd make up my own.  Chollita or "dulcita lolita" is a casual version of lolita inspired by all my hoop-wearing mamacitas with night eyes during business hours.  Thanks for the name Chingadero<3

Top, Old Navy
Skirt, Self made
Earrings, Charlotte Russe
Purse, Tuesday Morning
Sandals, Ross
Sunglasses, .99


  1. That skirt is gorgeous! You look awesome, and I am in awe of your eye make up.

    Also, I would love to get you and your mad crafting skillzzz in my new fat craft zine! I thought I'd mention it on here so you'd definitely see, because I love your tutorials and craft creations. Deets at xx

  2. The hottest girl in the world does it again!

  3. Kirsty I'd love to participate and will be working on a tutorial for you (and encourage anyone else who reads this to head over to her blog to see if you'd like to contribute, too!) in the next week<3

  4. I just found you through tumblr, and I want to say your outfits are so inspirational! I especially love this one. Keep on keepin' on! :)