Great Grandma Melva

On our trip to Arizona my Grandma Nancy surprised myself and my two younger sisters with a big box of jewelry she was passing on from her mother, Melva.  We all sat around the table and went through it, picking out what we liked and sometimes how much we all wanted one piece but "next time there's something I really like, you let me have it!"  Here's the things I picked out.

It was interesting to see her style through jewelry and a sincere privilege to keep that style and memory alive through something wearable.  I remember Melva as being a tiny, warm and gracious woman whos vanity smelled good enough to eat.  Nancy told me her very first memory in her life was around 4 years old, looking up and seeing Melva wearing that pearl-backed brooch with her name written in gold.  If I couldn't have taken but one thing it would have been that because of her story.

 Isn't this impressive?  She had an eye.

I really love the green and gold earrings that match the above necklace, the monocle style hologram rose, graduated pearl strand, the ghostly cameo of what looks like polished petrified wood and of course.. that cuckoo clock.  Last but not least, the one thing we all wanted one of..

 The Rattlesnake Necklace


  1. I look forward to seeing what your wear the rattlesnake necklace with.

  2. Okay when I see that necklace it reminds me of La Bamba! Hehehe


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