Hertz Capacity

Wore this to an interview but didn't get the position.  No sweat, I got something better suited for me anyhow.  A uniform shop!

Dress, Lane Bryant (modified)
Jacket, Found
Lace, Thrifted
Purse, Tuesday Morning
Shoes, Borrowed
Bracelet, Pearl necklace


  1. You looked professional, yet still very girly and pretty.

  2. I love it! And congrats on the new job!!!!!!!!

  3. Outstanding outfit, Beej. If jobs were given for looking good, you'd have more than your share!

  4. Thank you everyone <3 Thank you ^-^

  5. You look very nice and comfortable in that outfit although I hope those shoes didn't kill you. They seem awfully small and confining.

  6. They pinched the toes, and aren't comfortable to walk in for an extended amount of time. I see that in the photo though, also the toe box is low cut and my feet stay puff :)

  7. would love to tie you up babe xxxxx


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