Monday, January 23

Fairy Tale Treasury

I spent the end of my winter break in bed reading this book.  Each story was drawn for by a different illustrator and I thought that Beauty & the Beast was exceptional in a bizarre, atypical kind of way.  Overall it gave off this droopy, bloated and melting look like the famous watches.  There were also a few jolting illustrations involving birds juxtapositioning themselves between classic, pretty, religious imagery and the grotesque, fearful side of superstition. 

Beauty and her beast.


Unlike the Disney movie with petals falling off a rose, the rose in this story was one Beauty's father picked for her inside the gates of the Beast's palace. This indebted father so much that he had to choose between giving up his life to the Beast or convincing his daughter to live with Beast willingly, forever.  She never fell in love with him despite his looks, and actually spent most of her time there rejecting his proposals and dreaming of a more handsome prince.  It was only when she almost killed him through her selfishness that she realized she loved him.  Or at least shouldn't let him die.  Then he turned into that prince.. so I guess we'll never know.

Enjoy the secrets tucked into some of these seemingly unrelated illustrations <3


Illustrated by Etienne Delessert.


  1. The Macaws are haunting you.

  2. Gnome rape: it's what all the cool kids are doing.

  3. Fairytales, always interesting when reading any that are not Disney renditions. It's funny, that in this rendition you were reading, "Beauty" never fell in love with the beast-- she only wanted him to die-- Fairytales... Interesting because they seem more realistic and reflective of the true grim in life than whimsical or unattainable. Love this post. Love the photos and the close-ups of the background images. :)

  4. Thanks for all the comments, this must be one of my favorite groupings of them.