Tall Promise

Love won't humble me I lack the confidence
What you couldn't do for me I won't regret
I'll practice simplistic math like will
Until inclination abandons can't


  1. This is the wrong time to be under the influence of Kentucky Bourbon. Then again I'm sure the logistics of the words would be lost to be all the same when sober. What I can say is that they intrigue me, and for that I give thanks. :)

  2. Simply put. Poignant and 'to the T'

    Do and you will find that you can.

    It's not a tall promise -at all- in fact it's one of the best goals/promises you can make to yourself. This poem is incredibly inspiring.. should be published because it's so eloquently and simply put!

    Git it gurl! I Love You, and everything you do is beautiful and courageous!


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