Sunday, May 20

Stop Wondering


And find me in your local pet store holding guinea pigs.  I've become obsessed with them since I held one on an outing Easter day looking for a chinchilla to pet.  Yeah, it's been quiet around here I'll admit.. but between all the local piggies, some hibernation of my own and full family schedule I'm sure it now comes as no surprise.  Lately I've thought about the direction of this blog and have some changes in store for y'all.  

Hopefully you will forgive me for not commenting back in two months -- I've tried over and over with different profiles and nothing will post.  So thank you, for reading, stalking, checking in or checking up.  I appreciate it and thank you for the praise.  It typically goes silent when I'm getting ready to move anyway ;)


  1. They are all really cute, but there's something about that Ginger and White fellow on the bottom right...

  2. I must take them all and snuggle the stuffing out of them.

  3. My friend has two chinchillas. They're cute little furballs. My clothes were pretty furry after holding those two (I visited my friend today).

    They shit a lot though. You can clearly see from the floors that there's a chinchilla (or two) here. :D